26th March 2017 was just an ordinary day at the war in Ukraine, 3 soldiers were killed and 9 were wounded, while the crashed helicopter added 5 more deaths. Such information is not a sensation any more, it is a casual day for the country at war. You can blame the world of losing interest in Ukraine, but Ukrainians are losing their interest the same way.  The new deaths are not widely reported in foreign media and a few small notes appear in Ukrainian sources. It is the families of these few heroes who will cry, the others will continue their daily routine. People in Kyiv will go to work in the morning and to the restaurants in the evening. President Poroshenko will sell its candies and there will be some who will buy them. The Ukrainian government will be asking for IMF credit to finance its corruption machinations. Politicians will take their bribes as usual and rob Ukrainian population the same way they did before. The West will show its big concern and ask for peace. No more sense to read the news, it is all the same every day in Ukraine. And the Stalin’s “The death of one is a tragedy, the death or millions is a statistic” has become the accepted reality. Who is to blame for such ‘a cold blood’? How could Ukrainians protesting for their freedom and human rights become so insensible to the deaths of their nationals? Do they feel powerless to change anything?

Volunteers provide the army with food and the needed equipment, a number of foreign organisations contribute as well. However, the politicians are not interested in finishing the war. From the other side, Ukrainians were going out to the streets to protest against the new regime so many times that few activists are interested to try once again. With such a corruption in the country, international community does not want to help Ukraine any more. Soldiers in Donbas are left alone to meet their destiny.

International relations does not develop so smoothly even in the ‘civilized 21th century’ and people just could not stop killing each other in various wars. For 3 years of the war in Ukraine more than 10 000 people were killed. In the beginning, everyone was named and Ukrainians could know their heroes, now only numbers are provided. And almost every day the numbers are getting higher. What could be done to stop it?

Who is to blame? Putin’s desire to restore Russian empire? Poroshenko’s attempt to keep his business and rob more money for his children? Russian propaganda, which makes Russians to go for the ‘holy war with the West’? Ukrainian desire for self-determination? Western ambition to integrate Ukraine into its structures? There is only one precise fact in the war in Ukraine – people are being killed.

Our sensitiveness depends on the scale of comparison we choose. It is a natural thing that people are dying. However, here people are being killed. There are a number of conflicts in the world, where human loses are higher. Some would claim, this conflict happens in Europe, which strove to become a one peaceful continent. It is the war between good neighbours and brothers. Looking into the history, you could notice, that neigbours are more likely to have major issues and go at war. The conflict does not have its valid root, it happens just because of misunderstanding and inability to sit at the negotiation table. Most of the other wars have the same reason.

Ukrainian crisis leaves more questions than answers. Ukrainians may need to get used to the new horrible reality. With all horror of the situation, something can be done. Every small contribution is important. Rising people’s awareness of the war is also crucial for its solution. While we cannot see the quick effect of any of our actions, they can make a huge change in the future. We need to talk, we need to remember and try to understand.