“Hold The Trend” is an initiative to reach global cooperation by sharing analytical research of international affairs and helping foreign business to enter new markets.

Alina Nychyk My name is Alina Nychyk, I hold Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics from Kyiv National Economic University and Master’s Degree from Wroclaw University of Economics. As an exchange student I studied at Gazi University in Ankara and at Goethe University in Frankfurt on Main.  I received distinctions for the studies, like a gold medal, a red diploma and a thankful certificate. Now, I am a PhD researcher in Politics at the University of Manchester.

Previously, I received diverse experience in international companies (Hewlett Packard, Dreberis consulting), NGOs (Polish Forum of Young Diplomats, Ukraine Democracy Initiative) and European institutions (European Commission and European Parliament). I am Manager of the project EU-Ukraine Women in Politics and a social activist in Brussels and Kyiv. My main areas of expertise are: Ukrainian foreign policy, the European Union, globalisation and integration in the world, conflict resolution.

Using my intercultural awareness, research experience, language skills and by developing my knowledge every day, I am working for global integration and cooperation between nations.

All articles, interviews and opinions on this web-site are my personal works and cannot be used without my name and the link to the original source.

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