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Mr President, please give us the right to speak!

On 18th February 2018, Ukrainians came out to protest against their democratically elected President. With time going on, much more people are getting dissatisfied with present direction of the country and in a democratic country citizens do have the right… Continue Reading →

Could Russian presidential elections 2018 bring any change?

Due to different reasons, the 2018 Russian presidential elections are unique. To some extent, they will reveal the ‘real face’ of Russian society. For the last years, Russian present rulers annexed Crimea, started the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, involved Russia… Continue Reading →

Ukrainians are protesting, which means Ukraine is still alive

Every autumn, when the crop is harvested, hard-working Ukrainian nation feels bored and decides to protest just to apply its great energy to something… Is it the true story? For an outside viewer it may look like this. However, the… Continue Reading →

Is North Korea a real threat for global security?

On 3rd September 2017, North Korea carried out the most powerful nuclear test in its history, which was already the sixth in a row. Together with the latest development of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles, the country threatens the global… Continue Reading →

Love and hate in fragile Ukrainian society

Three years of destructive war, falling economy and huge poverty made Ukrainian society very sensitive and hotheaded. In reality where almost every day Ukrainians are being killed or wondered opposing Russian aggression in Donbass, the society does not let anyone to stay apart and insists “to choose the side”. While some decisions are easier, others still stay controversial.

Visa-free regime with the EU – Ukrainian small victory in the difficult war

From 11th June 2017 Ukrainians are finally able to travel to the European Union without visas. One step in Ukraine’s European way of development, so much expected and fought for, but what does visa-free regime really mean for the country?… Continue Reading →

The end of Ataturk’s dream for Turkey?

The most European Muslim country, which has struggled for European Union’s membership for years, has just stepped backwards to its ‘roots’. In Sunday’s referendum, a majority voted to give more powers to the Turkish president, which could make Recep Tayyip… Continue Reading →

The usual day at war in Ukraine – 8 soldiers will never come back

26th March 2017 was just an ordinary day at the war in Ukraine, 3 soldiers were killed and 9 were wounded, while the crashed helicopter added 5 more deaths. Such information is not a sensation any more, it is a… Continue Reading →

Trump’s attitude – a chance for Europe to grow up

Every challenge can be used as an opportunity. Donald Trump’s victory in American Presidential elections 2016 shocked the whole world, but the impact was most largely felt across democratic Europe. With Hillary Clinton’s large support from European leaders, a widespread… Continue Reading →

Data security in the XXI century

We provide our data so openly in Internet, that can easily become victims of their usage against us. Additionally, our lives have become so dependent on technology that any cyberattack can make us completely helpless. Data sharing in Internet Twenty… Continue Reading →

Are we witnessing the decay of democracy in the world?

The last year was full of political events, that shocked many. Scientists and ordinary people are still thinking over and cannot understand the reasons of Brexit, Trumps election, the rise of far-right movements in various countries. Surprisingly, citizens of the… Continue Reading →

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