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Gender equality in Ukrainian politics: is it so bad?

Few people are aware of gender discrimination in Ukraine and moreover of gender equality in Ukrainian politics. However, when we go for numbers, the situation looks not so pleasant. While women take 22% of places in national parliaments around the… Continue Reading →

When Ukrainian corruptionists close all doors, the EU opens the window of hope

In the modern world, old democracies have their obligation to help the new ones. The European Union mostly understands this and helps in building stable democracies in many countries, and Ukraine is a special important case here. After two revolutions,… Continue Reading →

Czech Republic is joining world populist camp

Small prosperous country in Central Europe decided not to stay apart from global far-right and populist tendencies. 2017 parliamentary elections brought new forces to power and threw away the previous leaders. What happened in Czech Republic the last weekend and… Continue Reading →

Catalan referendum – a logical necessity or an organised play?

Catalan referendum is another sign of disintegration tendency in the world. With all its controvercial iisues, it presents a new possibility to change borders in the post-Cold war Europe. Why do people unite in their small communities and search for… Continue Reading →

Chinese flirt with Russia over the Ukraine crisis

As a global player China has a possibility for independent actions following its interests. Due to its economic and military power, the country can choose the most favorable foreign policy development with no regard to most of the other states…. Continue Reading →

The world should be ready for Russian cyber warfare

Russian cyber warfare was underestimated by many countries for a long time. Every time a cyber-attack happens, the victim state is unprepared and shocked. The perception of Russia’s use of the new tactic should be changed and the world should… Continue Reading →

Russian film ‘Viking’ is yet another way to annoy Ukraine

At the end of December 2016, the film, ‘Viking’, was released in cinemas across Russia. It set an absolute record among the country’s filmgoers, gathering $1 billion in the box office within its first nine days. It is also said… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian war – people are dying, politicians are gambling

The last week was terrible for Ukrainians – 18 soldiers were killed, 92 wounded, while 9 civilian had casualties in Eastern Ukraine. The unceasing shelling started in Avdiivka on the night of 30 January. Military medic Natalia Khoruzha was killed… Continue Reading →

Could 2017 signal significant changes for Ukraine?

A significant number of forecasts predict shifts for Ukraine in the next year. Is this a sign that Ukrainian fatigue with the unrelenting war in Donbas, and corruption that continues to grip the country? Could 2017 finally drive positive change… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian diaspora – an influencial fighter in the Ukrainian crisis

Starting from the Euromaidan uprising and continuing to the present days of fragile ceasefire and low implementation of reforms in Ukraine, the Ukrainian diaspora has been an influential fighter for the country’s better future. The Ukrainian diaspora has played a… Continue Reading →

Russia’s Role in the Rise of Far-Right Movements in the European Union

The rise of nationalistic and far-right movements across the European Union has become one of the main threats against an integrated future. With several causes and unpredictable consequences, who is to blame for turning ordinary Europeans into nationalists? Who is… Continue Reading →

Why is the European dream fading?

During the last two years, more and more EU citizens have turned their back on the European integration and returned to nationalistic and populist ideas. Is the European dream fading? The article was first published at Newsletter for the European Union…. Continue Reading →

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