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The New Cold War: populist game or modern reality?

Abstract: Russian annexation of Crimea has significantly changed the security on the European continent. In result, relations between the West and the Russian Federation were also subject to a drastic shift. Following the war in Eastern Ukraine, MH17 tragedy, Russian… Continue Reading →

Intermarium – as a security alternative for Eastern Europe

Historical background Intermarinium as a political project refers to the federation for Central-Eastern European countries. Jozef Pilsudski introduced this idea after the Word War I. The integration project was to stretch from Adriatic, Baltic to Black Seas, and to include… Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Has the EU forgotten its biggest advocate?

This summer is extremely challenging for the European Union. Apart from the refugee crisis and the overall rise of far-right movements – which were already there from the previous months – Brexit, terrorism attacks in France and Germany, the failed… Continue Reading →

After the failed coup, Turkey is a huge challenge for the EU

Since the attempted coup of the night of 16 July, Turkey is a huge challenge for the EU. The article was first published at Newsletter for the European Union. The Turkish attempted coup of the night of 16 July is another nail into… Continue Reading →

NATO Summit Warsaw 2016: can NATO rescue Europe?

The NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 is extremely important for the European security. Apart from issues such as NATO involvement in Libya and Afghanistan, the European Union is expecting the Alliance to resolve its closer problems. Russian actions in Ukraine and… Continue Reading →

The fight between ISIS and EU: who is winning right now?

From the formation of ISIS, the EU as a whole and its single member countries were highly involved in combating this terroristic organisation. There were ups and downs for both sides. There is an analysis: who is leading the game… Continue Reading →

What is the role of American elections for the EU?

Economic and political interconnections between are crucial for both US and EU. However, next 2016 American elections for the White House can change the situation significantly. The article was first published at Newsletter for the European Union. Economic and political… Continue Reading →

European enlargement as the way for EU to compete in the modern world

Summary The world we dwell in is more complex and changeable then it was years ago. Different nations are bound together economically and politically by the decisions of their leaders, business elites, and sometimes societies themselves. People begin to think… Continue Reading →

The necessity of global governance in the the contemporary rapidly changing world

Summary: During the last years our world has changed a lot; it challenges all nations with new complicated and urgent problems, which cannot be withstood by any country alone. The purpose of the article is concerned with such global threats… Continue Reading →

Problem rozszerzenia Unii Europejskiej na przykładzie Ukrainy

Streszczenie: Unia Europejska jest jednym z globalnych graczy współczesnej gospodarki. Żeby nie stracić swojej pozycji, musi ciągle doskonalić się i zwiększać swoją siłę na arenie międzynarodowej. Warunki panujące  w  zglobalizowanym  świecie  szybko  się  zmieniają, a konkurencja pomiędzy najważniejszymi podmiotami –… Continue Reading →

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