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The best way is diversity, multiculturalism and respect, – Sudanese political refugee in Europe

This is the interview with Alhadi Agabeldour, a Sudanese political immigrant in Belgium, a founder and president of African International Institute for Peace, a lawyer, a poet and an advocate of global peace and respect. Could you please introduce yourself,… Continue Reading →

Russia’s Role in the Rise of Far-Right Movements in the European Union

The rise of nationalistic and far-right movements across the European Union has become one of the main threats against an integrated future. With several causes and unpredictable consequences, who is to blame for turning ordinary Europeans into nationalists? Who is… Continue Reading →

Why is the European dream fading?

During the last two years, more and more EU citizens have turned their back on the European integration and returned to nationalistic and populist ideas. Is the European dream fading? The article was first published at Newsletter for the European Union…. Continue Reading →

The New Cold War: populist game or modern reality?

Abstract: Russian annexation of Crimea has significantly changed the security on the European continent. In result, relations between the West and the Russian Federation were also subject to a drastic shift. Following the war in Eastern Ukraine, MH17 tragedy, Russian… Continue Reading →

Intermarium – as a security alternative for Eastern Europe

Historical background Intermarinium as a political project refers to the federation for Central-Eastern European countries. Jozef Pilsudski introduced this idea after the Word War I. The integration project was to stretch from Adriatic, Baltic to Black Seas, and to include… Continue Reading →

After the failed coup, Turkey is a huge challenge for the EU

Since the attempted coup of the night of 16 July, Turkey is a huge challenge for the EU. The article was first published at Newsletter for the European Union. The Turkish attempted coup of the night of 16 July is another nail into… Continue Reading →

NATO Summit Warsaw 2016: can NATO rescue Europe?

The NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 is extremely important for the European security. Apart from issues such as NATO involvement in Libya and Afghanistan, the European Union is expecting the Alliance to resolve its closer problems. Russian actions in Ukraine and… Continue Reading →

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