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Although some battles are lost, democracy continues its fight against authoritarianism

History repeats itself and humanity needs to get used to this. However, some mistakes of the past cannot be repeated due to the modern technology, which will turn them into fatal ones. The rise of populist far-right tendencies in Europe… Continue Reading →

Catalan referendum – a logical necessity or an organised play?

Catalan referendum is another sign of disintegration tendency in the world. With all its controvercial iisues, it presents a new possibility to change borders in the post-Cold war Europe. Why do people unite in their small communities and search for… Continue Reading →

Trump’s attitude – a chance for Europe to grow up

Every challenge can be used as an opportunity. Donald Trump’s victory in American Presidential elections 2016 shocked the whole world, but the impact was most largely felt across democratic Europe. With Hillary Clinton’s large support from European leaders, a widespread… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian diaspora – an influencial fighter in the Ukrainian crisis

Starting from the Euromaidan uprising and continuing to the present days of fragile ceasefire and low implementation of reforms in Ukraine, the Ukrainian diaspora has been an influential fighter for the country’s better future. The Ukrainian diaspora has played a… Continue Reading →

Russia’s Role in the Rise of Far-Right Movements in the European Union

The rise of nationalistic and far-right movements across the European Union has become one of the main threats against an integrated future. With several causes and unpredictable consequences, who is to blame for turning ordinary Europeans into nationalists? Who is… Continue Reading →

Why is the European dream fading?

During the last two years, more and more EU citizens have turned their back on the European integration and returned to nationalistic and populist ideas. Is the European dream fading? The article was first published at Newsletter for the European Union…. Continue Reading →

Intermarium – as a security alternative for Eastern Europe

Historical background Intermarinium as a political project refers to the federation for Central-Eastern European countries. Jozef Pilsudski introduced this idea after the Word War I. The integration project was to stretch from Adriatic, Baltic to Black Seas, and to include… Continue Reading →

The fight between ISIS and EU: who is winning right now?

From the formation of ISIS, the EU as a whole and its single member countries were highly involved in combating this terroristic organisation. There were ups and downs for both sides. There is an analysis: who is leading the game… Continue Reading →

European enlargement as the way for EU to compete in the modern world

Summary The world we dwell in is more complex and changeable then it was years ago. Different nations are bound together economically and politically by the decisions of their leaders, business elites, and sometimes societies themselves. People begin to think… Continue Reading →

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