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Czech Republic is joining world populist camp

Small prosperous country in Central Europe decided not to stay apart from global far-right and populist tendencies. 2017 parliamentary elections brought new forces to power and threw away the previous leaders. What happened in Czech Republic the last weekend and… Continue Reading →

Russia’s thorny road to democracy – Part IV

This is the fourth part of the interview with Russian oppositionist and fighter for democratic rights and freedoms, Igor Sharapov. He talks about the future of Russian democracy, people’s attitude towards the West and the possibility to change power in… Continue Reading →

Trump’s attitude – a chance for Europe to grow up

Every challenge can be used as an opportunity. Donald Trump’s victory in American Presidential elections 2016 shocked the whole world, but the impact was most largely felt across democratic Europe. With Hillary Clinton’s large support from European leaders, a widespread… Continue Reading →

Russia’s Role in the Rise of Far-Right Movements in the European Union

The rise of nationalistic and far-right movements across the European Union has become one of the main threats against an integrated future. With several causes and unpredictable consequences, who is to blame for turning ordinary Europeans into nationalists? Who is… Continue Reading →

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