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Russian aggression

The conflict in Donbas through the eyes of a young local

Arina, could you please introduce yourself? I am Arina Kozlova. I am 18 years old and I come from Luhansk. The military conflict in the Donbas region forced me to leave my city, and, subsequently, the country, as with many… Continue Reading →

Chinese flirt with Russia over the Ukraine crisis

As a global player China has a possibility for independent actions following its interests. Due to its economic and military power, the country can choose the most favorable foreign policy development with no regard to most of the other states…. Continue Reading →

The world should be ready for Russian cyber warfare

Russian cyber warfare was underestimated by many countries for a long time. Every time a cyber-attack happens, the victim state is unprepared and shocked. The perception of Russia‚Äôs use of the new tactic should be changed and the world should… Continue Reading →

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