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Ukraine-EU relations

Українсько-угорські економічні відносини на підйомі

Україна бачить своє майбутнє у тісному партнерстві з Європейським Союзом. Економічна співпраця через інвестиції, спільні українсько-європейські компанії, відкриття європейських фірм в Україні є важливими кроками на шляху до політичної інтеграції. В цьому інтерв’ю мова йде про успішну угорсько-українську економічну співпрацю. … Continue Reading →

Interview with MEP Rebecca Harms about women in politics

The project EU-Ukraine Women in Politics (Alina Nychyk and Marta Barandiy) interacts with Member of the European Parliament – Rebecca Harms. The conversation goes around women in politics in the European Union and Ukraine. Rebecca Harms is expressing important ideas… Continue Reading →

Gender equality in Ukrainian politics: is it so bad?

Few people are aware of gender discrimination in Ukraine and moreover of gender equality in Ukrainian politics. However, when we go for numbers, the situation looks not so pleasant. While women take 22% of places in national parliaments around the… Continue Reading →

Nord Stream 2: Сan Eastern Europe be heard when Germany has concluded a deal with Russia?

Nord Stream 2 has become a controversial project, which already divides Europe. While Germany has agreed with Russia for the sake of its economic interests, the European Union is pushing for constructive dialogue regarding Nord Stream 2. Ukraine is definitely… Continue Reading →

Interview with Michel and Olena Terestchenko in the European Parliament

Gary Cartwright (EU today) speaks with Michel Terestchenko (mayor of Hlukhiv) and Olena Terestchenko (social acivist) in the European Parliament. Being one of the most pro-EU and anti-corruption politicians in Ukraine, Michel and Olena came to Brussels to inform European… Continue Reading →

When Ukrainian corruptionists close all doors, the EU opens the window of hope

In the modern world, old democracies have their obligation to help the new ones. The European Union mostly understands this and helps in building stable democracies in many countries, and Ukraine is a special important case here. After two revolutions,… Continue Reading →

European ideas crash against the wall of Ukrainian corruption in a small historic city on the Russian border

Michel Terestchenko is an heir of the prominent old Tereshchenko family (See historical note) of sugar producers, landowners, and philanthropists. Being a successful businessman in France, Michel decided to return to the land of his forefathers and started a honey… Continue Reading →

Visa-free regime with the EU – Ukrainian small victory in the difficult war

From 11th June 2017 Ukrainians are finally able to travel to the European Union without visas. One step in Ukraine’s European way of development, so much expected and fought for, but what does visa-free regime really mean for the country?… Continue Reading →

Could 2017 signal significant changes for Ukraine?

A significant number of forecasts predict shifts for Ukraine in the next year. Is this a sign that Ukrainian fatigue with the unrelenting war in Donbas, and corruption that continues to grip the country? Could 2017 finally drive positive change… Continue Reading →

Intermarium – as a security alternative for Eastern Europe

Historical background Intermarinium as a political project refers to the federation for Central-Eastern European countries. Jozef Pilsudski introduced this idea after the Word War I. The integration project was to stretch from Adriatic, Baltic to Black Seas, and to include… Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Has the EU forgotten its biggest advocate?

This summer is extremely challenging for the European Union. Apart from the refugee crisis and the overall rise of far-right movements – which were already there from the previous months – Brexit, terrorism attacks in France and Germany, the failed… Continue Reading →

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