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Ukraine’s future

Ukrainian Science is in Decay

An interview with a Ukrainian professor and member of Ukrainian National Academy of Science, who did not want to reveal his name due to fear of losing his job. How would you describe the development of science in Ukraine in… Continue Reading →

“Ukrainian government is interested in closed data, but we will fight to open them”

Foreword: Ukraine is a country steeped in corruption. Politicians in power fully control policy and courts. It is difficult for businessmen to operate unless they have connections in government. Truthful entrepreneurial data is very difficult to find. Open data policy… Continue Reading →

Could 2017 signal significant changes for Ukraine?

A significant number of forecasts predict shifts for Ukraine in the next year. Is this a sign that Ukrainian fatigue with the unrelenting war in Donbas, and corruption that continues to grip the country? Could 2017 finally drive positive change… Continue Reading →

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