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war in Donbass

Love and hate in fragile Ukrainian society

Three years of destructive war, falling economy and huge poverty made Ukrainian society very sensitive and hotheaded. In reality where almost every day Ukrainians are being killed or wondered opposing Russian aggression in Donbass, the society does not let anyone to stay apart and insists “to choose the side”. While some decisions are easier, others still stay controversial.

The conflict in Donbas through the eyes of a young local

Arina, could you please introduce yourself? I am Arina Kozlova. I am 18 years old and I come from Luhansk. The military conflict in the Donbas region forced me to leave my city, and, subsequently, the country, as with many… Continue Reading →

The usual day at war in Ukraine – 8 soldiers will never come back

26th March 2017 was just an ordinary day at the war in Ukraine, 3 soldiers were killed and 9 were wounded, while the crashed helicopter added 5 more deaths. Such information is not a sensation any more, it is a… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian war – people are dying, politicians are gambling

The last week was terrible for Ukrainians – 18 soldiers were killed, 92 wounded, while 9 civilian had casualties in Eastern Ukraine. The unceasing shelling started in Avdiivka on the night of 30 January. Military medic Natalia Khoruzha was killed… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian diaspora – an influencial fighter in the Ukrainian crisis

Starting from the Euromaidan uprising and continuing to the present days of fragile ceasefire and low implementation of reforms in Ukraine, the Ukrainian diaspora has been an influential fighter for the country’s better future. The Ukrainian diaspora has played a… Continue Reading →

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